Thursday, June 30, 2011

welcome gift


The Benton’s picked us up from the hotel where we had our training with the Area Presidency and other area workers yesterday. They took us to the mission home. There had been some problems with the water pipes and some pretty extensive work was done to correct that.



After lunch we went with them to the Mission Office where we were presented with a very thoughtful gift.


Welcome to President and Sister Carter,


personally signed by each and every missionary.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

on our way…almost


We are traveling in a group of 11. Five  presidents and their wives and Brianna, who is the darling of the group. She has five moms and dads to look after her! About halfway through our flight from Salt Lake City to Dallas, the airline attendant came and explained that our flight to Buenos Aires had been cancelled. We were sooooo disappointed. The Presidents then began negotiations with the gate agent to see what our options are.


There was an incredible amount of luggage among the 11 of us.

volcanoI found amazing pictures of the Puyehue-Cordon volcano causing all this havoc in our travel plans. It had not erupted for more than 50 years. Apparently, the ash turns into molten glass in the engine of the airplane.

We gathered up all of our luggage again and flew to Atlanta the next morning. From there, Delta managed a safe corridor into Buenos Aires.  After a sleepless night, our first glimpse of  the mission was a spectacular one.


Good morning, Buenos Aires.

Friday, June 24, 2011

meeting our missionaries

Tonight after classes we had the opportunity to meet the elders in the MTC that are going to our mission. It was amazing…or rather, they are amazing. They are excited and enthusiastic about their missions and generally they seem like great people. We had an hour and half together and got to know a little bit about each one of them. I took individual pictures and notes so that I won’t forget because by the time 12 of them  get to Argentina the middle of August I will have met another 172 missionaries. One of them is coming the week after we arrive. We are receiving 6 other missionaries that day that are coming from the MTCs in Lima and Buenos Aires. DSC01324

Here they are,

the missionaries that we met…

our first missionary sons.

missionary collage