Wednesday, April 30, 2014

before the training today

We received three new missionaries last night. They are ready to go this morning, and they got to meet their new companions.DSC00499DSC00507DSC00497DSC00506DSC00501DSC00504

That always has a knock-on effect, but there were some additional companionship changes that we made as well, so we had a little mini-transfer meeting.


interviews and training in lujan

Sometimes I am a little off-task during the lessons. I am thinking things like:

Wow! That missionary’s Spanish is really beautiful. It wasn’t easy, but worth all their efforts.

Those missionaries have helped us with training several times. I hope their investigators are keeping their commitments because they sure don’t have much time to check in with them.

That missionary isn’t feeling well and should go back to his pench.

There is interesting light here for this picture.

You can guess which comment goes with which picture, but the truth is that for each and every one I am thinking:

I am so blessed to be having this experience with them.


Sunday, April 27, 2014

lujan 1

We ended up attending church in Lujan 1. We only just worked out the details yesterday, so the missionaries weren’t really expecting us. The good news for us was that two of them were actually the scheduled speakers! It was a great meeting!

Lujan 1A


Lujan 1B


Lujan 1C


Thursday, April 24, 2014

on to gonzalez catan


So…the camera is available and normally, the office elders and I are all taking pictures throughout the day. However, it appears that this afternoon, none of us were taking pictures.

However, our daughter did manage to get a picture of the 7 of us that went out to dinner tonight celebrating our 38th wedding anniversary today as well as the birthday of one of our assistants. It’s a good day!


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

capacitación de caseros


This was the strangest day for us. First I spilled my breakfast, as in, yogurt and cornflakes all over myself and the car as we were pulling out of the driveway. After a quick change and cleanup, we sat in unbelievable traffic arriving late to the training.

During the second block, Presidente received a phone call and we needed to leave immediately. It is interesting that he had actually interviewed quite a few of these missionaries on Monday and so those missionaries were only here in Caseros for the training. Presidente had completed most of the rest of the interviews before the phone call. These are the types tender mercies we often see in the mission. The assistants, zone leaders and hermana training leaders carried on with the training without us.

It was such a great feeling to know that the missionaries were in good hands.