Parents Traveling to Argentina

Church Policy:

The following information comes directly from the Church Handbook 1:

4.10 (page 35)
Release of Missionaries

Missionaries should complete the full term of service for which they are called. Under normal circumstances, neither they nor their parents should request early releases or extensions of service.

Missionaries should travel directly home from their missions. Any other travel is permitted olnly when the missionary is accompanied by at least one parent or guardian.

The church discourages parents from picking up missionaries. However, if parents request this privilege, they should understand that:

1. Their plans must be based on the release date established by the missionn president.

2. They should not request a change in the release date to accommodate other travel plans or commitments.

3. They should inform the mission president or the church Travel Office at least three months in advance if they plan to travel with their missionary.

4. They are expected to make their own travel arrangements, including lodging and meals.

Missionaries must dress and conduct themselves according to missionary standards during travel from their missions because they are not released until they report to their stake presidents. They should not impose on members, mission presidents, missionaries, or other missions as they travel home.

Answers to other questions we have received:

1. We are sorry that we are not able to make any travel recommendations regarding scheduling or time allotments in the various places in the mission nor Argentina in general.
2. We don't recommend hotels. There is information available in libraries, on the internet and with travel companies to meet individual and family needs.
3. Regarding shots, here is the link to the Center for the Disease Control and Prevention in the United States which has the most current information available.
4.Currently, a visa is not needed for travel up to 90 days. However, we recommend that you check to see if there has been any changes. For travelers from the United States, here is the link:
5. The week the missionaries are being released is established at the time they come into the mission. Your missionaries have this information available to them. Please contact your missionary directly.
6. Beginning March 2012, missionaries will be available to be picked up by their parents at the mission home on the Friday of the week of their release at 4:30 pm.
7. To get to the mission home from downtown Buenos Aires is approximately a 45-60 minute trip. The remis/taxi should be large enough to accomodate the luggage of your missionary.
8. Your missionaries visa and legal status in Argentina will be accounted for by the mission office and there is nothing that parents need to do in that regard other than let us know the date that you will be leaving the country.
9. We recommend contacting missionary travel as much as 4 months in advance. Please notify Veronica. Her direct phone number is 800 537 3537 or 801 240 5111 ext 25126. This will ensure that you will travel home on the same plane with your missionary. Please contact Hermana Carter with the same information at at the same time.
10. You can travel around Buenos Aires via train, subte, taxi or remis. We recommend that you use RadioTaxi or a taxi or remis service called by your hotel. I personally do not drive, and I only ride the purple/blue trains. I have been told that the Tren de la Costa is also safe.
11. You can exchange money at the airport and in various banks in the city. Some places take American money at the approximate rate of 4 pesos to the dollar. You can also use the ATMs here. They charge about 17 pesos for each transaction. The advantage to the ATMs is that you can decide after you arrive if you want more money available to you. Most places will only allow you to withdraw 1000 pesos per card per day however. Many vendors accept credit cards, but many others only accept cash.
12. For additional questions please contact Hermana Carter via email at