Friday, September 30, 2011

lifting the mission

After everyone left, Presidente told me that I hit the ball out of the park today with my spiritual thought, which included this video and  a co-operative analogy about lifting the mission. The north American missionaries were surprised to see something that resembled Rice Krispie treats for dessert at lunchtime. The Latin missionaries wondered what was causing the stir.
(We don’t have Rice Krispies here. I did find marshmallows the other day, but they cost  50 pesos or about $12.50 a bag. )
So, I made the treats out of Arroz en copos Crocante, Dame Mani peanut butter,  fructosa (something that I bought at the health food store that resembles corn syrup) and chocolate frosting.
It was thumbs up ALL around the table.
Then it was back to the work at hand for several more hours for the Zone Leaders. DSC08285

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

saying goodbye


We went to the river with the Pastores on Monday afternoon. It was nice to view the skyline of Buenos Aires in the background. The missionaries were reflective and struggled identifying their emotions.


It wasn’t all serious though. 

From time to time over the past couple of weeks, they have each expressed some of their feelings. The Pastores Videos are shared with everyone in the mission. It is only a small part of the legacy that they leave behind.

Elder Johns, Elder Cerda, Elder Weaver, Elder Garcia, Elder Packer,  Elder Moorhouse, Hermana Duarte, Hermana Salazar, Hermana Urdapilletta, Presidente and La Hermana.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

new arrivals

DSC02883We arrived at the CCM here in Buenos Aires this morning after taking one of our Pastores to the airport. It was great meeting our new Latin missionaries. It made me a little bit sad that we couldn't take them with us...yet. We promised that we would be back.










What are the chances that your best friend in all the world will be called to serve in the same mission you are serving in? These two were pretty thrilled to see each other again much sooner than they ever imagined!





After some photos of the temple renovation, we went to the airport again to await the arrival of the north Americans.



Actually, there were many arrivals for missions in Argentina, and today,  it seemed like we waited the longest for ours to get through customs. Happily, they all made it though!



DSC02931We chatted with the missionaries while we waited for the finalization of their paperwork. Then we were off to the mission home for lunch and a little bit of orientation.




Meanwhile, their trainers arrived at the mission office looking forward to meeting their new companions.




Bienvenidos Elderes y Hermanas!

Monday, September 26, 2011

what is a remise

“Remise are a type of taxi, which differ from a regular taxi in that the price of the trip is established in advance. This way the driver can count on the passenger to have the required amount of money, and the passenger can also be certain that the driver will take the most direct route to the destination. Remises in general are cheaper than taxis.” It is how our missionaries to and fro…when walking is out of the question.
DSC02817 DSC02824 DSC02826 DSC02829 DSC02830 DSC02834 DSC02836 DSC02838  DSC02799 DSC02800  DSC02805 DSC02808 DSC02804 DSC02812 DSC02815 DSC02816
Today is transfer day. The missionaries that are being changed are coming in this morning.
There were many hellos and goodbyes.
There was luggage to be transferred along with the missionaries.

Then it was back to work!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

saturday miracles

Every baptism is a miracle. On Saturdays, I love to think about the miracles that are happening all over the mission. Of course, the missionaries love being part of those miracles as they have been instruments in the hands of God teaching those whom He has prepared. 

We watched a few of those miracles today. Actually, a family of 7 was supposed to be baptized. However, an emergency necessitated that the father and one of his daughters will be baptized next week instead. Nevertheless, it was a beautiful event for the other 5.

Also today, a grandfather and grandson shared their experience together. The grandson is deaf and mute. It was extraordinarily special to watch the missionaries communicate with him.

It brought tears to my own eyes, when I noticed tears in the elders’ eyes as they witnessed their investigators coming into the fold.







Afterwards, Presidente interviewed a young man who attended the baptism. Then, he delivered the good news to these elders, that their investigator will be getting be baptized tomorrow.



Keep up the Good Work.