Tuesday, December 11, 2012

specialized training in gonzalez catan with aldo bonzi


The missionaries are very creative coming up with Christmas trees and decorations, even though Christmas trees are very extraordinary in Argentina. I liked the elders that told me about the branch they cut off of a tree with a dull machete. Then they decorated their “tree” with a tie and empty yogurt cups and put empty cereal boxes under the tree. They showed me a picture…super cute!


There are no hermana areas in Gonzalez Catan yet, so these are the first hermanas that I have seen in the chapel here. All of the missionaries from Aldo Bonzi made the trek over.


Our visa waiter from Spain arrived last week. He is really surprised how different Argentina is from where he lived and has been serving in Madrid. Of course, it is a lot hotter here, as well.


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