Friday, December 28, 2012

zone leaders report in

It is time for the monthly zone leader meeting. We have four grandkids “playing” quietly upstairs in anticipation of their lunchtime with the zone leaders. Nine of the zone leaders were here last March when Jonah was baptized and all of the kids were really excited to connect with “their” missionaries again. The primary leaders of their ward in North Carolina have told our daughter about the prayers that are offered specifically for the Buenos Aires West Mission.


At the time of Jonah’s baptism he received a leather bound book with a map of Argentina imprinted on the front. The missionaries all wrote him a little message. It turns out that up until just recently, Jonah thought it was a map of North Carolina, where he is from, on the front of the book. With just a turn of the map, it is pretty easy to see why!DSC01492


It is wonderful to be in the mission at Christmas time and see how the missionaries are so focused on really what it is all about. All of the mission is full of beautiful baptism stories.

29 December 2012

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