Saturday, November 16, 2013

elder holland

We have had so much excitement this week. However, today was the best because ALL of the missionaries got to come in from hither and yon to participate in the conference with Elder Holland. Also speaking today we had Sister and President Gonzalez (our area president), Sister and Elder Soares (from the Presidency of the Seventy) and Sister Holland. There were 841 missionaries there as nearly as we could count. Last night and today there were photos taken inside the chapel by the technology people and I am fortunate enough to have some of those to share. DSC09113

I didn’t realize exactly how huge our group of missionaries is until we asked them to all come forward and sit in the chapel after the meeting ended. It is a huge chapel and even though they were sitting shoulder to shoulder, we still needed some of the overflow space. It is the most beautiful and spiritually impressive experience to be among these missionaries.


We had a mission photo taken before the meeting by a pregnant lady on a ladder…so we will hope for the best with that one. You can see we were all looking up at her. We were able to take a few candid shots, as well.

I hope that the missionaries will all share their experience with their families. You can imagine what it was like when I tell you that after it was over and we needed all 841 of them to return to their areas, there was hardly a sound in the building for 10 or 15 minutes even though everyone was moving and leaving. We just wanted to keep the perfect joy we felt among us.

DSC09001I will write a little bit more about the past few days and other events that the missionaries did not attend, later next week.


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