Sunday, August 14, 2011

things that presidente sees

1.  He looks at  the  number of  the area medical advisor, Dr. Hollingsworth, on an incoming  phone call during P-Day, and then answers it.

DSC018882. Later, he is apprised of information from the hospital that one of his elders is going in for surgery.



3.  That evening, he contemplates the chain of events that will inevitably lead to a restless night for a family in Utah when he calls their stake president.

4. This morning, he catches sight of  the nearly empty avenues, a novelty of driving into Buenos Aires on Sunday morning.


DSC018935.  A few hours later, after his own conversation, he passes his phone to his wife. Soon, he notices  her sitting on the hospital balcony shedding tears with a mom who, of course, wishes she could be in Argentina to comfort her son.



DSC018986. After relaying the phone to the hospital bed, he catches a glimpse of this missionary talking to his family, even though it is August 14, and it is not Mother’s Day or Christmas Day in ANY country.



Presidente  recognizes miracles.

It is mind boggling to even try to imagine how long ago the puzzle pieces were fitted together so perfectly,  just  for the well-being of this elder.

Consider the chances that Elder Bush would actually, currently have a companion, who has had “apendiceetees”—a companion from Chile, who would insist that the doctor was called, because Elder Bush is not the type that would just call in and say that he has a stomach ache.

Consider the chances that the hospital would operate on him yesterday, even though the appendix had not yet ruptured, nor did the tests that they took show a precarious situation. Dr. Hollingsworth requested that they take him in immediately, and they did, finishing at about 11:00pm last night.

Consider the chances that the hospital staff would release this elder less than 24 hours later, even though they had previously told him that they would not. Last night, Sister Cox told us about his wonderful Priesthood blessing.


Today, we  testify of miracles.

Along with Presidente, the whole mission takes great joy in seeing

the miracles in this missionary’s life.

We all continue to pray for your speedy recovery, Elder Bush!

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