Friday, August 5, 2011

zl/dl meeting

DSC01713 When we left the house this morning, I was worrying about the elders that live way out in the campo and wondered what time they had left their “penshes” to make an 8:30 am meeting. As it turns out, it took them 6 hours to get into the city…and they came last night.


The training today focused on

Planning with the Spirit.DSC01702

The elders took notes, watched video clips from District 1 and participated in role plays. In the picture above, Elder Horrocks is leading an evaluation discussion of the role play that Elders Poppelmeier and Cubas have just demonstrated.

DSC01697 DSC01714


Sisters were in the kitchen all morning long preparing lunch. The green salad had all the traditional vegetables as well as eggs and sausage. The main course was Milenesa with a tomato-based sauce accompanied by potatoes and rice.


After lunch, all the missionaries participated in a “state of the mission” discussion and then another practice session. Elder Weiss and Elder Workman are planning for their missionaries in the Merlo Zone.


The seminar officially ended at 5:00 pm.  After that, some elders were gathering supplies from the stock room at the mission office. Other elders wanted to talk privately with the President. There were various requests and errands for the office elders. However, when each and every missionary and their companion had finished their tasks, there were trains and buses and remises that carried all 38 of them back to where they came from.

Behind the glass in this picture, missionaries are talking with Elder and Sister Cox about their medical and physical needs.

Many elders were giving each other abrazos—saying “goodbye” and “have luck” until they meet up again.

And, there are also two missionaries checking their flight plans home. The mission is always in a state of to-ing and fro-ing.

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