Monday, August 15, 2011

transfer day

The mission offices are located in the part of Buenos Aires known as Ramos Mejia. They are attached to a double-chapeled building. We often use the dual “salon sacramentals” for training, but today the cultural hall was a very busy place.


All of the missionaries that would be receiving new companions and/or moving to a new area were contacted this weekend and met to find out today, exactly what those changes would mean for them personally.


Elder Mather and Elder Johns will be zone leaders in Gonzalez Catan, the largest zone in the mission.








Elder Bush is hurting, but he is also here today taking on a new assignment with Elder Day as zone leaders of the just created Ramos Mejia zone.

More to come on that this weekend when we have two stakes in the mission that will become three.







Although this group of missionaries have an area, their companions are not here. They are our trainers, known in the mission as Papas.




Presidente met with them to give additional instruction in preparation for the arrival of the reinforcements tomorrow.


The future of the mission is very much in the hand of these wonderful elders.



Elder Packer is taking care of mission needs when Presidente talks with  Elder Godfrey and Elder Baudon. They will be his new assistants and Elder Packer’s companions. 


The missionaries in our mission normally have the opportunity to pick up regular letters, packages and emails from non-family members  about every two weeks. DSC01932

Since it is Monday, it is back to the pensh for most of them and then off to a place where they can send and receive their weekly emails to their families and tell them about the events of the past week, including this morning.

*I think they call it a cybert, but I’ll have to check on that :)

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