Sunday, February 24, 2013


This past week my daughter wrote a short blog post that I want to share:
Is it possible to miss something before it's even gone?
He has definitely been my biggest train lover.
Love this moment.
  I often have similar feelings as I watch the missionaries.
The hands that only yesterday were playing with trains, now flip through scriptures to find a particular verse.
The minds that imagined games now search to find the needs of their investigators as they preach the gospel.
Love this moment.

La semana pasada mi hija escribió un blog corto que quiero compartir.

 Es posible extrañar algo antes de que se va.
 Seguro el ha sido mi hijo mas enamorado de los trenes.
 Amo este momento.

Muchas veces tengo sentimientos similares cuando miro a los misioneros.

Las manos que ayer estaban jugando con trenes, ahora están buscando escrituras para encontrar un versículo especifico. Las mentes que imaginaron juegos ahora están buscando ideas para ayudarles a encontrar las necesidades de sus investigadores como ellos están predicando el evangelio.

Amo este momento.


  1. Thank you for sharing. This is beautiful!
    Thank you also for your inspiration, service and the love you show for all 'your' missionaries... Please know it is appreciated and does not go unnoticed - we are all richly blessed by all you do.
    Thank You!!

  2. I agree. Thank you for everything. Technology is amazing these days, and having this blog has been truly awesome! My Elder is my only son, I have 3 daughters at home. I wish I had more sons to share the special bond we have. And yes, I do miss those days of rocking to sleep, playing race cars, and singing Lion King songs together. But I bask in the wonderful blessing and honor of having a son worthy to serve The Lord.

  3. Thank you so much. It seems like that was my Elder Skousen just yesterday. Thank you for the reminder and the beautiful moment. Thank you for sharing so much and taking such great care of our missionaries! Love, Sister Skousen