Thursday, February 14, 2013

valentine pastores


It was a perfect summer’s day for the Pastores Tour. The first stop, as always, was the Plaza de Mayo. We visited the National Cathedral and took some of our traditional photos in front of the Casa Rosada. During the tour of the Colon Theater it is explained that the first theater in Buenos Aires was actually here on the plaza and is now the National Bank building. I remembered to tell the Pastores that little factoid, and even though it was closed, we got a peek inside.


We arrived at the Colon Theater a little bit before the time on our tickets. Since all of the Pastores on the tour today speak English, we actually ended up joining the group ahead of ours with one of our favorite guides. She invited Sister Olson to sing and was quite moved by her acappella version of I Am A Child Of God.


After lunch, we walked over the bridge to cross to the other side of Puerto Madero and then went to Recoleta where we visited the tombs in the cemetery and later did a little last minute shopping.


There were people enjoying the park, but our sacred spot was uninhabited, and we shared our history. The Pastores will go back to the cultural hall in Ramos Mejia and visit with some of their converts this evening. Then, in the morning, we will meet again for our final day together in the mission.

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