Monday, April 8, 2013

the agitator

Since it is P-day in the mission, I thought I would share with you how a washing machine works. You fill it with your clothing or other linens, put in some detergent and turn it on. They are directly hooked to water lines which bring water into the drum and mixes it with the detergent. Then the machine agitates or bounces the clothing through the soapy water, thereby cleaning out the dirt and soil.

The agitator enhances the action of enzymes on clothes. An agitator is a plastic cylinder positioned at the center of the inner tub. Generally, an agitator is finned. Its finned structure aids it in its function. The function of an agitator is to move the clothing up, down, back and forth so that the clothing mixes well with the detergent.

In the mission, however, the agitator sometimes looks like this:DSC03265

In fact, the inventor of this particular tool to help the agitator is becoming quite famous in the mission as he models. Other missionaries who are the beneficiaries of his work take over, and sometimes, they also make their own updated versions.

In any scenario, they get the job done in a bucket or a sink, if they happen to be so lucky.


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