Wednesday, April 24, 2013

zone conference in the gran catan

The missionaries all brought in their area books to be checked while we were having the conference and then afterwards, they had a quick review of the needs, if there were any.
All of the missionaries have an emergency fund, obviously, for emergencies. Every once in a while, we have them bring in their money…just to make sure that they still have it available to them, and it hasn’t been inadvertently spent on something and not replaced. Normally, they use the money for reimbursable expenses like remises or medication.
Zone Conference lasted from 8:30 to 1:30, and the missionaries were pretty happy when they found out that we were sending them all on their way with a sack lunch.DSC00126DSC00128
Today, Presidente and I are celebrating out 37th wedding anniversary. We ate lunch at a cute little Italian restaurant in Ramos Mejia with the office elders. Afterwards, the Pensioneros (office elders in charge of the apartments) went with us, to an attorney’s office where there were contracts to be verified.
In spite of our visa issues, we do believe that eventually our missionaries will arrive and so we continue with our plans to prepare for them and look forward with faith to that day.

Los misioneros llevan sus libros de area para chequear mientras estamos teniendo la conferencia y después ellos tuvieron un repaso rápida de sus necesidades si hay algo.

Todos los misioneros tienen un fondo de emergencia obviamente para las emergencias. De vez en cuando ellos traen su dinero entonces podemos ver si todavía esta disponible y no lo han estado gastando en algo sin reemplazarlo. Normalmente usan su dinero para cosas reembolsables como remiseros o medicaciones.

La conferencia de zona dura 5 horas de 8.30 hasta 1.30 y los misioneros estuvieron muy felices cuando ellos supieron que tuvimos una bolsa con su almuerzo.

Hoy, el Presidente y yo estamos celebrando 37 anos de nuestro casamiento. Comimos en un restaurante Italiano en Ramos Mejía con los elderes de la oficina. Después, los Pensioneros, elderes encargados de las pensiones, fueron con nosotros a la oficina del abagado donde necesitábamos verificar los contratos.

A pesar de nuestros problemas con visas, creemos que algún día los misioneros va a llegar entonces continuamos con nuestros planes y preparaciones para ellos y esperamos con fe aquel día.

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