Tuesday, January 28, 2014

take my hand

While the lyrics of this song by Lindsay McCaul are actually about Peter, everyone who comes unto Christ can understand these sentiments in a very personal way.

I heard you say it
I know you did
You called me to the waves and wind
And for a moment I was brave and strong
Now everything is going wrong
*And didn't you know that I'd be scared
Couldn't you see I was unprepared
I'm not asking for reasons
You hold or the safety of land
I just need you to hold my hand

I could have stayed back where I was before
And never met you in this raging storm
You're telling me that faith is all I need
But fear is all that I can find in me

Cause I would be OK if you'd take my hand
I wouldn't be afraid if you'd take my hand
And all would fade away if you'd take my hand
If you'd take my hand

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