Sunday, March 16, 2014

back to campo


We had high hopes of spending the weekend in campo since we were there for zone conference on Friday. As it turned out, there was no room for us to stay overnight since there was a big motorcycle event this weekend. It made for lots of hours in the car. However, it was a beautiful drive this morning.

Our first stop was Lobos. The missionaries told us about two families they are teaching that make bricks for a living.  They live way out of town along a dirt road. Last week with all the rain that we had it made it very difficult to travel. However, they did arrive, albeit late to church. There was mud everywhere. They explained to the missionaries that they put a bunch of bricks in the back of their truck. When they got stuck in the mud, they got out of their truck and laid the bricks down to help them continue on their way. Then they picked them all back up again. It happened twice on the way to church. I sure could feel how much love they felt for these diligent investigators.


Then we went to church in 25 de Mayo. We are so excited that there are so many people attending church now that we have to find someplace else to meet! More than just our missionaries arrive at church on bicycles.


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