Saturday, March 15, 2014

there are no coincidences

It is such a wonderful experience to serve a mission. We have the opportunity to see miracles all the time. The stories usually start out in a fairly normal way, but then they take an unexplainable turn. That is the moment when someone says, there are no coincidences. Except that they don’t exactly say that, they say,

No hay casualidad.

And while it means that there are no coincidences, it is really our way of saying that it was a miracle.

I received an email and with permission, I am sharing on the blog.

elderhawkeyMy husband, Robert served his mission in Santiago, Chile in the 1980s. We visited with his mission president this week. Robert was the AP for a long time, and he and his former mission president got talking about missionaries. They mentioned Elder Puschel.  Robert worked with Elder Puschel in the mission office.  They have not been in touch for many, many years.image2a_edited-1



Robert found Elder Puschel on Facebook and reconnected this week.  WOW!!!

The (former) Elder Hawkey and the (former) Elder Puschel each discovered they both had sons serving in the same mission!  We just looked at your blog* and saw pictures of both (current) Elder Hawkey and (currrent) Elder Puschel at the same Zone Conference!!  Two fathers were most excited to discover their two sons were now serving in the same mission at the same time!DSC00449a

It could be coincidence and it could be a miracle. Or it could be a tender mercy from Heavenly Father letting these two dads know that they have one more thing in common.

*ed. note—from yesterday

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