Friday, March 14, 2014

conference in campo


I tried to memorize the look of my Argentine sun-kissed missionaries. Summer is fading fast and fall is on the way. We had hard rain all day long. When the power went out during a nearby lightning strike, I thought that we would have to cancel the conference…for one thing it was too dark to see and for another, my workshop and Presidente’s workshops were totally dependent on the media that we brought with us. It was a huge blessing that the electricity came right back on and we never lost it again.

The building is Chivilcoy is small. Most of the pictures are taken in a narrow hallway. When it was time for lunch, we had to take all the chairs down, bring in the tables and then reset the chairs around the tables because there wasn’t enough room to bring the tables in and turn them when the chairs were set up.

Chivilcoy Norte and Chivilcoy Sur have been having a tremendous amount of success. They are showing huge gains in Sacrament meeting attendance and one of the branch presidents jokingly told the missionaries they had to stop baptizing people because there was no more room. It is an awesome problem to have and we hope that in the next few years they will grow enough to become their own stake.

Since the missionaries working in campo don’t often come into the city we had a few birthdays to catch up on and we even had a birthday today, which made it extra special.DSC00477


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