Wednesday, July 13, 2011

marcos paz

aldo bonzi
Today we are over halfway through meeting our missionaries. We normally leave the house around 6:30am and get home around 7:30pm. We are taking lots of notes and matching them with names and faces so that we can remember each and every one!  However, as with the previous posts the following listing of names does not match the order of the pictures above.  Today we saw and met with Elder Phillips, Elder Rodriguez, Elder C. Castro, Elder Montierth, Elder Weaver, Elder Centena, Hermana Salazar, Hermana Clayton, Elder Brown, Elder Parque, Elder Latteier, Elder Meneses, Elder Pickett, Elder Bravo, Elder Kawasney, Elder N. Perez, Elder C. Albornoz, Elder B. Jimenez, Elder Barrios and Elder Ortiz.

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