Thursday, July 7, 2011


I was so cold yesterday that I decided to wear double of everything today. Double skirts, double shirts, double jackets, double scarves. However, the room heaters in the building were working! It is a lot like sitting by a fire. The side of you next to the heater  is extremely warm and the side of you away from the heater is ice cold. You can tell by how the sisters are dressed that it really was not that cold today.  All in all another great day with the missionaries.  We met with Elder Ramirez, Elder Day, Elder Gibson, Elder Pinones, Elder Vogler, Elder Carazas, Elder Hart, Elder Saldana, Elder H. Gonzalez, Elder Gomez, Elder King, Elder C. Perez, Hermana Claros, Hermana Alvarado, Elder Andrus, Elder Cude, Elder Garcia, Elder Johnson, Hermana Vindas and Hermana Danes.

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  1. Looks like Hermana Danes enjoyed getting her picture taken. Haha! I hope the mission goes well for everyone.