Friday, July 15, 2011


Our boxes came from the United States this week, so in addition to our missionary schedule, we have been unpacking and creating a home. Today however, we didn’t even notice that we were tired. The great spirit we enjoyed as we met, taught and talked was incredible.  We met with Elder Workman, Elder Weiss, Elder Roundy, Elder P. Perez, Elder Hughes, Hermano Sanabria, Elder Oliverson, Elder Fernandez, Elder Cubas, Elder Krausse, Elder Shepherd, Elder Lazaro, Elder Valencia, Elder Hernandez, Elder J. Jimenez, Elder Castillo, Hermana Yingling and Hermana Reales.
At the end of the second week of meetings and interviews we have met with 125 of our 177 missionaries currently serving in the mission.  Three zones and 52 missionaries left to meet and interview. 

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