Sunday, July 31, 2011

random and totally useless mission home stats

I reminded Presidente the other day that we have been on our mission for a month now. Thirty-five to go. Not that I am counting, it is just what it is. He said that the time is going too fast, but it seems to me like we have been here a really long time. I think that is because there are so many things that are new to me and we are so busy everyday. Anyway, here is my list of random and totally useless statistics for the first month in the mission:statistics

unpacked 99 boxes

fed 43 missionaries here at the house

been transported by trains, taxis, remises, our car and the mission van

ordered vegetables to be delivered to the house

ordered ice cream to be delivered to the house (actually you can order almost anything to be delivered, but these are the two that we have done so far)

traveled all over the place to meet and interview 178 missionaries

fed 11? cats (It is really hard to know how many. Sister Benton fed all the neighborhood cats and left us with something like 150 pounds of cat food in the garage. The first week we were here the cat food delivery people called us and asked us if we wanted more cat food!)

attended 2 parent/student orientation meetings at school

Presidente has eaten at least 30 empanadas and 30 pieces of pizza ( Those are the missionary staples. I normally make my own lunch. I, however, have eaten at least 30 facturas, which are Argentine pastries…so yummy!)

met with members of the area presidency on two occasions

had our picture taken 200 or more times

put 2,000 kilometers on our car (Presidente says it is not the miles, but the hours enduring Mr. Toad’s wild ride. The drivers here are crazy!)

stood in a lot of lines (I have no idea how many or how long. It just seems like we are always standing in a line for something.)

lost our phone, internet and television service (In fact, we have yet to have all three of them working at the same time.)

worn a coat everyday

Presidente has read 68O letters

watched the sunrise 28 times, I think

played zero games of tennis, I know

walked more than 100 miles (I don’t know how far I have walked either, but we walk a lot everyday)

been offered help from the missionaries and from random people we meet along our way on a regular basis

understood some of what I hear (Normally, I think I am understanding like 80% of what I hear. But sometimes I don’t understand a thing.)

shaken 700 hands? Presidente has probably given/been given at least that many abrazos

listened to many beautiful missionary experiences

fallen in love and been amazed at the depth and breadth of our truly fabulous missionaries

dealt with the conflicting emotions of missing home and yet feeling incredibly blessed by this wonderful opportunity

been extremely grateful for all the prayers offered all over the world for the missionaries

felt loved and protected every single day

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