Thursday, June 20, 2013

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The Day of the Flag is a two-day long holiday event. It just happens to coincide perfectly with the two days that we will be spending with our Pastores!
While we were up early and running around the city, almost everyone else seemed to be at home. We enjoyed the Plaza de Mayo, the Teatro Colon, shopping adventures in Boca and Recoleta and our final stop and the Parque Tres de Febrero.
There is a folk tradition that if you touch the dog’s nose at the Recoleta Cemetery, you will someday return to the city. They are all coming back!
These were our very first missionaries. We met them in the MTC in Provo. Early on in the mission, I thought I would die when they all went home without me. After two years of sending missionaries home, I realize that the place of each one in my heart is permanent. I will miss this group desperately. Nevertheless, I am grateful that we continue on, and I have missionaries to love and care for a little while longer.

El dia de la bandera es un feriado de dos dias este ano. También los dos dias vamos a pasar con nuestros Pastores. Mientras estábamos despertando nos muy temprano y mirando la ciudad parece que toda la gente estuvo en casa. Disfrutamos la Plaza de Mayo, el Teatro Colon, haciendo compras en La Boca y Recoleta y nuestra parada final el Parque Tres de Febrero. Hay u tradición folklórica que si toca la nariz del perro en el cementerio de Recoleta, alguna día va a volver a la ciudad. Ellos van a regresar!

Ellos fueron nuestros primeros misioneros. Nos encontramos en el CCM en Provo. Muy temprano en la misión pensé que iba a morir cuando ellos salieran sin me. Después de mandar misioneros a su casa por dos anos me di cuenta que el lugar de cada uno en mi corazón es firme. Voy a extrañar este grupo mucho. Sin embargo estoy agradecida que continuamos y tengo misioneros para amar y cuidar por un poco mas de tiempo.


  1. Man that is the Waldo that I have been looking for! My son is coming home! I am bursting with pride at the young man that is coming home. Thank you Argentina, thank you wonderful people of Argentina and thank you President and Sister Carter! When Cody comes home and says Dad I was in the best Mission and had the best Mission President and Mission Mom in the world. I will say I know son, I saw it on the blog! Thanks so much. Tim Nesbit

  2. Thank you for this great mission blog. We have had such a great time watching our Elder Carlson love his mission. We are excited to have him home in one more day! Thank you for taking such great care of him these past two years.

  3. Words can't express how grateful we are for the wonderful experiences our son Elder Zachary Griggs had in Argentina. Thank you to President and Sister Carter and family for your kind leadership and love of the missionaries. The blog has guided us, made us laugh, cry, educated us, and made us smile. We will continue to tune in as we've grown fond of BAW and Sister Carter's wonderful writings. Ready to hug our son in three hours!