Monday, June 3, 2013

nuts and bolts meeting with the district and zone leaders

The training ground for horses that run is very near the mission home. I am not really a horse lover, but it is beautiful to see them out in the mornings taking their exercises and practicing for upcoming events.DSC01294DSC01293DSC01292DSC01291

With apologies to the parents of all these missionaries, who may get a letter today that says that they didn’t have much time to write, I will say that we had a great meeting this morning.


The missionaries always ask me to post the videos that we used in the training.

Today I told them the story of Joshua Bell from the Washington Post article about seven years ago. Many of the analogies to missionary work are obvious, but they also came up with ideas that were really inspiring and not so obvious. Afterwards, I showed them another clip of Joshua Bell working with his team.

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