Tuesday, April 22, 2014

interviews and training in aldo bonzi


I forgot the camera today, which was horrible because finding a way that was compatible with my phone to transfer these pictures to my computer took a ridiculous amount of time. I hope I don’t do that again!

On the bright side for the day…these missionaries gave AmAZing lessons…I mean ReALLy AmAZing!

I later learned that they have been working together as a zone on their teaching skills, which was even more impressive. They have certainly set the standard high for all of the zones that will follow over the next few weeks.

Among this group of missionaries, they taught 169 lessons to real investigators last week. They are doing great work, or as we say in the mission Spanglish…They are trabajando a ful.


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  1. Que gusto! Tengo un hermano que me da un gran ejemplo!! (': Mi Elder Ocampo!