Saturday, April 12, 2014

open chapel in parque san martin

In many areas of the mission we have had an “Open Chapel” experience. The chapel is open on a Saturday and/or a Sunday for people to come and visit and learn more about the church. They have been quite successful in helping the local communities learn more about the church and as a means for the members to bring friends to an activity to learn more, as well. Presidente received an email from the missionaries that coordinate the Open Chapel, which I am please to share.

President Carter-

I wanted to report that we had an amazing Open Chapel in Parque San Martin on Saturday.  Thank you for sending us great missionaries.  I attached a photo of them.  Sister E……, with just 4 days under her belt, really dug in and loved the people.  I was so proud of her.  Elder F…….,with just 4 days was amazing!  He was out inviting people inside the chapel with Elder H… and they were so enthusiastic.  Very few people made it past them without coming inside.

We ended up with 26 new referrals for the missionaries and a total of 32 non-members that visited.  They are great…Keep up the good work!mish

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