Thursday, April 10, 2014

almost everyone is in


There is a national strike today. The planes, trains, subways and buses are not running. There are many roadblocks on the freeways. Schools and hospitals are closed. We felt impressed to leave the house early so that we could make it to the office.

We switched up the Pastores Tour and instead of having our morning together at the house tomorrow, we came to the office and spent the morning with the Pastores here. We hope to be able to do the Tour with them tomorrow.

The rest of the missionaries have planning this morning and they have been told to stay in their apartments all day unless they have a specific appointment that they can safely and easily reach by walking.

I don’t have YouTube access at the office, but I hope to post the transfer video later today when we return home.


*all photos today are from La Nacion, a local newspaper

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