Tuesday, April 8, 2014

major flooding


There has been major flooding all over Argentina recently and the past few days, and especially last night, it was our turn. The picture on the left is from a news article about a street in Ramos Mejia where a 40 meter pit 1 1/2 meters deep was created when the street fell in because of the intense rains. The picture on the right is an area in Lujan that was evacuated. The river there has risen 4 meters. The rain was falling fast and furious and 2 1/2 inches (63 mm) of rain fell in about two hours.

We are grateful that all went well with the flight today and the refuerzos arrived on time.


Even though we don’t have an Latin refuerzos this time, we made our normal stop. It was very drizzly at the temple, but we took some quick photos.


Then we were off to Tres de Febrero where there were many natural lakes that appeared overnight.


Many months ago some of the hermanas missed their flight and one of them was able to join us for “the first day in the mission” experience today. It is great having an expert on hand and she answered many of the refuerzos questions. We just had to keep reminding her to speak in English because most of the refuerzos Spanish skills aren’t quite up to speed yet.


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  1. These photos are great! It's nice to see the new missionaries arrive (especially, mine, Elder Keiser). Than you for sharing these!