Sunday, June 22, 2014

one more time


DSC02430This picture is not in the gospel art collection. That is because we are having church at the home of the volunteer fire department of Bragado. We couldn’t leave the country without going to campo one more time.


This is the leadership team of the Chivilcoy District…two members of the mission presidency on the left and two members of the district presidency on the right.


And below we have the missionaries currently serving in the Chivilcoy District.


After the conference, we stopped off to visit at the home of the Rizzos. They are the family that my husband will reference in our Pastores video. Their son is currently in the MTC in Brazil. The dad was looking on from his bedroom window wishing he felt well enough to join us for the photo.


Presidente asked the missionaries from Junin to meet him at the chapel later in the day. They were expecting some kind of message or task and were surprised when he answered their queries by stating that he just wanted to see them one more time.


We are spending the night in Junin. Just thought I would give you a glimpse of the central park. Basically, every store, every everything is the same. Vamos Argentina!


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