Thursday, June 19, 2014

world cup pastores


It’s a beautiful day…super cold…but beautiful. The Pastores enjoyed seeing all of the traditional sites of the city…or almost all of the sites, if you happen to be a River fan.


They made friends with a few of the vendors along the way.


One of the questions that is always asked is about the dog in the Recoleta Cemetery. There is a tradition that if you rub his nose, you will come back to the city. A couple of these pastores live quite close to the city and one of them even lives in another part of the city, so it was a humorous little exercise for them.


DSC02316The park is always last and  the best experience of the day. Today was unique in that it was the first time ever that we did the pin ceremony at the park.

It was perfectly lovely.

world cup refuerzos1

Tres de Febrero – 19 Junio 2014


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