Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Although we drove a couple of hours out to the campo for our interviews with the Chivilcoy missionaries, many of the elders had even longer travel times. Several sets of missionaries endured lengthy bus rides, and the assistants had elders arriving at their pension at all hours of the night and very early morning. I think they ended up with ten by this morning. In spite of all of that, they are all here, happy to be together. Because they are all so spread out, this is a great reunion.

DSC08852DSC08854DSC08846 DSC08856



Elder Workman and Elder Fish live the farthest away in General Villegas.



DSC08861   DSC08840



Elder Marshall used his experience and talents to sort out our technical difficulties.


DSC08842Our senior missionaries that work in the campo help out with the branches. The missionaries that live nearby love to visit them, especially on their P-days.



All of the chapels that I have been to have high fences surrounding them, including this one, even though things are very “tranquillo” in the campo.


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