Sunday, October 23, 2011

voting day

It is voting day in Argentina. Actually, it is illegal not to vote. Therefore, about 29 million people went to the polls today. It has been the law in Argentina since 1912. If you don’t vote, you are fined and also there are some civil rights penalties, but I don’t actually know what they are. Everybody votes. The sale of alcohol is prohibited for 24 hours and many businesses are closed for the day. Personally, I loved the google icon that showed up today on
Cristina won her re-election bid for president.
She is the first elected female president of Argentina. She was elected in 2007 following her husband’s term of office. This time there were six others running against her, but it was hard to tell who they were. I think she had a great ad campaign. This picture was taken driving on the freeway today and I only just realized that two of her ads are in the photo!
I don’t know anything about her politics, but I did read that she is an advocate for human rights, poverty awareness and health improvement. She loves beautiful clothes and always wears high heels. After her husband died, (a year ago this week) she decided to only wear black. It is said that she seldom wears the same outfit twice and has been seen in over 200 different black outfits.
Her actual residence is only a few miles from the mission home. We normally drive by it several times a week, but all we can really see is a high brick wall. The Casa Rosada is the effective seat of government and located downtown in the Plaza de Mayo where there is plenty of celebrating going on tonight.


  1. Wow, interesting facts. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Muy interesante!Puede ser corresponsal de un diario!!jaja!!
    La foto donde la Pta Cristina esta saludando es en la Ciudad de Cordoba, durante la inauguración de un Hospital al sur de la ciudad.Ha hecho esa y muchas otras obras en el país.