Thursday, October 13, 2011

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The zone leaders coordinated a 4 minute object lesson that required the rusty, but somewhat impressive skills of their fellow missionaries.2011-10-13

In addition to the players, there was a group of spectators to admire the demonstration.

  DSC08472 DSC08470

Mid-day we sang to the birthday boys and ate lunch.

DSC08494DSC08492  DSC08486DSC08487DSC08488DSC08491

There were quite a few waiters in the hall today after the assistants and I had finished.


We went back to the offices while Presidente finished interviewing the rest of the group…but not before taking a picture of the pews. Many of the chapels have all wood pews. They are shellacked for a high shine and actually, quite comfortable.


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  1. Thanks for doing this blog! I love to see pictures of my missionary, especially with a smile on his face. It looked like they all really enjoyed zone conference. Although Jacob writes great letters I appreciate all the extra info that I find here, your testimony, and especially the pictures. We pray the Lord will bless your family abundantly for your service to these boys.