Monday, October 17, 2011

reinforcements report

The reinforcements returned to the mission offices today.  They have some advice for MTC-bound missionaries—Study Hard! They recommended language only days, which apparently means that you only speak Spanish. When I asked them if they did that at the MTC, they said that they only made it until about noon, but they wished they had done it more often and longer! They also said that the books they give you at the MTC weigh about 15 pounds, so if you are worried about your weight limit…just bring the green one.

One of the funniest parts of the day was when they were playing basketball and the North Americans were telling one of the Latin missionaries that he was personal fouling. He wasn’t responding and then someone said that he only speaks Spanish. They looked at each other a little desperately until finally one of them called out, “No abrazos!” and the game continued.

Here are some photos from their afternoon activities!

 DSC08706 DSC08712   DSC08595 DSC08598 DSC08599DSC08611DSC08674DSC08615 DSC08717 DSC08618 DSC08619 DSC08649 DSC08662   DSC08690DSC08687

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