Sunday, November 27, 2011

chilvilcoy district conference at bragado

DSC09491While the majority of the land mass of our mission is campo, only 22 of our 182 missionaries work in the campo. On our way to conference, we see oreo cows




and a lot of fields; green

DSC09486   DSC09487 

and white, ready to harvest.


John Deere speaks Spanish. We also see many storage facilities.


DSC09453 DSC09456 

We drive for several hours. Then we arrive at the District Conference held in Bragado today. There is a youth meeting first with about 20 kids from 5 different branches. We hear 4 of them speak later in the general conference. They are impressive. Their small branches of 20 to 50 people are sustaining valiant spirits who are preparing to serve missions and strengthen their communities.

After the youth meeting everyone goes outside and has snacks on the lawn before the general session starts half an hour later. I think it is a terrific idea. I eat the medialunas packed in the car intended for later.

DSC09462DSC09469DSC09470   DSC09465DSC09459 DSC09471   DSC09458DSC09473

All of the windows are open and all of the fans are running. It is 90 degrees and I think everyone is thankful that the air is moving.

Later, the missionaries are happy to hear that we have the mail with us. Presidente enjoys handing it out to our anxiously waiting missionaries, who receive their mail about half as often as everyone else, because they work and harvest souls in the campo.


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