Tuesday, November 8, 2011

mission presidents’ seminar




We have had the most wonderful experiences with the other mission presidents and their wives from our area during the seminar.


The best way that I can explain it is to say that it was like having the most amazing Sunday School teacher and everyone attending the class is super prepared and has incredible spiritual insights to add to the discussion.


In addition to Elder Christofferson, we were taught by Elder Jensen and the Area Presidency--Elder Arnold, Elder Aidukaitis and Elder Foster.

DSC09200 DSC09217

The second day we received all of our training from Elder Stephen Allen DSC09219who is the Executive Director of the missionary department. Presidente Carter, Presidente Heyman and Phillipe Kradolfer helped out with one of the demonstrations.

There was quite a bit of switching between Spanish and English. Our two translators kept everyone on track.



The Presidentes and their wives:


Much of our training was practical in nature and revolved completely around missionary work. We plan to implement this training straightaway. There were other times when our training was more general. Here are a few of the thoughts I wrote that were either impressions or my personal translations from among our teachers:

There is no competition when we are constantly focusing on others. We just have to do our best and God will make up the rest. That is the miracle.

The truth that you feel without words is the most profound.

When you are tired and have lots of stress, it is time to sleep/rest. Then go forward in a way that is reasonable.

It is dangerous to do less than the Lord expects.

When we accept an assignment that is difficult and go forward, it shows our faith.

Testimony is something constant through all your life that you need to continue to experience. Pay attention to these experiences.


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