Sunday, November 20, 2011

mercedes district conference


Our mission has 8 stakes, 2 districts and 1 independent branch. Today was the Mercedes District Conference. There were over 400 people there. It was pretty exciting for the members to see one another and the growth of the church in their own area.

A primary choir sang. All of the boys in the choir had matching red ties and all of the girls had matching red headbands. Many of the members came from several hours away by buses. Hermana Azcurra and Hermana Yingling were transferred to Junin two weeks ago, even though it is an area where the elders have traditionally worked. They brought 15 investigators with them today. One of the girls in their branch asked them to teach some of her friends so that little group was among the 15. I wanted to take a picture of them, but they were camera shy. Luckily, the members weren’t, but then later two of the investigators agreed. We had ten missionaries there. It should have been twelve, but two of them are still in Mexico waiting for their visas.

During the conference, Presidente asked all of the people who had joined the church in the past 4 years to raise their hands. About a fourth of the hands went up. The dear sweet lady in the center of the collage was not one of them. She joined the church in 1941 and is a true Argentine Pioneer. Hopefully, she will see the Mercedes District become the Mercedes Stake in the not too distant future.

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