Saturday, November 12, 2011

the most beautiful time of year

When we got word yesterday that our reinforcements were coming in this morning, we were so happy. We have been waiting for these North Americans for over a week now. Their anxiously awaiting companions have been doubled up on their areas and praying earnestly for their arrival. Apparently there are some new "issues" with the visas. We are still missing two coming from the Mexico City MTC. DSC09296DSC09303DSC09308DSC09309

DSC09320When I think of Buenos Aires, I always have a picture in my mind that looks something like these photos that were taken today. It doesn’t look like this all the time, but spring has been coming for a few weeks now and I had hope that the jacaranda trees would be in bloom, and they were, all over the city.




We took a little drive through the city center and for the first time with our reinforcements, stopped off at the park “3 de Febrero”.


The mission home is missing furniture. At the moment, it is being recovered, but we dragged the dining room chairs into the living room after lunch while we chatted about the mission and showed them some of our welcome information.


Presidente and I were speaking at a stake conference today, so we left our tired, but enthusiastic missionaries, in capable hands and promised that we would see them after a good night’s sleep and following our Sunday morning meetings tomorrow.

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