Thursday, November 3, 2011

companion changes

We had two thirds of the mission in for transfers!

DSC09136 DSC09135DSC09137 DSC09138 DSC09130 DSC09131 DSC09132 DSC09134

The enthusiasm of our missionaries is fantastic.

DSC00396 DSC00397 DSC00398 DSC00399

We had a great hour and a half together this morning

and then

DSC00330 DSC00340  DSC00386 DSC00383 DSC00344 DSC00401 DSC00402 DSC00404  DSC00405 DSC00408

they were off with their new companions

to clap the doors

DSC00412 DSC00415


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  1. Hermosas las fotos!Hablan por si solas. Cuanta emocion transmiten...