Friday, November 18, 2011

sharing the light

We shared some of our wonderful training from Elder Christofferson with the Zone Leaders today. Right after the seminar I received a message from one of the missionaries that said:

Estamos emocionados por saber toda luz que están recibiendo para la misión.

I am pretty sure that translates to something like, “We are excited to know all the light that you are receiving for the mission.” Isn’t that such a beautiful thought!

I wasn’t feeling well and went home at lunchtime. Presidente didn’t really have time to take pictures, as you can tell.


If you would like to read a little bit about Elder Christofferson’s trip to Argentina, you can find it on under the subsection Prophets and Apostles Speak Today or by clicking on this link:


2011 Seminar for Mission Presidents and Wives

South America South

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