Sunday, July 7, 2013

the name game

I have the hardest time pronouncing some of the missionaries names. I keep practicing, but I don’t even think my ear can hear what I am supposed to be saying. Even when I think I’ve got it right. My nemesis is Elder Payllalef.
Some names, like mine, for instance, is really hard for the Argentines to say, as well. Normally, I have point to my name tag and then the person will respond with something that sounds like Carrrrrrrr terrrrr. There is lots of “r” when it is said in Spanish, as opposed to English where we just slide right past those r’s. My maiden name was a difficult one to pronounce in English—Chytraus. I’ll let you think about that one for a second!
I apologize that this blog won’t transfer well into Spanish, but for the North Americans, I will share some of the linguistic accommodations.
Elder Pulsipher is Elder Lucifer
Elder Hillmann is Elder Mayonesa (because Hellman mayonnaise is sold here)
Elder Nesbit is Elder Nesquick (also a product sold here and the English b is a particularly difficult sound to make.
Elder LeSueur is Elder Le Suerte (suerte means luck and everyone knows how to say that)
Elder Griggs is Elder Grinch (the well-known movie also popular here)
Elder Walker is Elder Walter
Elder Blackburn is Elder Blackberry
Elder Vorwaller is Elder Rotweiler
Elder Phillipi is Elder Pli-Pli
Elder Arumburu is Elder Arumbubu
and Elder Kezerian is Elder Que Serian (which translates into a question, what would be?)
and FYI
“Chy” as in China and “traus” as in trus[t]         Easy, right!
Me cuesta pronunciar algunos nombres de los misioneros. Continué practicando pero creo que no puedo oír los sonidos que necesito decir. Aunque si pienso que es correcto. Para mi el mas difícil es Elder Payllalef.

Algunos apellidos, como mi, por ejemplo son tan difíciles para los Argentinos decir también. Normalmente tengo que usar mi placa y la gente va a decir algo con mucho r pero en ingles no tiene un montón de r. También mi nombre ante de mi casamiento fue muy difícil para decir en ingles....Chytraus. Voy a darles la oportunidad de pensar acerca de eso un ratito.

Lo siento pero no puedo traducir el resto a castellano, pero voy a darles ejemplos de accomodaciones lingüísticas.

Chy como chai y traus como tras  para mi nombre anterior              Facil, no?


  1. When my husband served his mission, the Latin people could not say Elder Magnesen. So they called him Elder Magnesia (mag-ne-see-a) (like milk of magnesia)

  2. Ja, Ja...Simpatiquisimo!!!
    Acá hay otro ....pero inventado : Élder Medio ( el del medio) ....

  3. Love it, Hermana! I remember it so well. I had to tell a lot of people my last name sounded like Listerine.