Sunday, December 11, 2011

after stake conference in aldo bonzi

Presidente and I have had stake conferences on the the calendar every Sunday for for the past couple of months. We haven’t been able to go to all of the them, but we have been to quite a few. Today was our last stake conference for a little while. The music was very beautiful. We had a flutist, violinist and pianist that played Christmas music for half an hour before the meeting started. There were also two numbers with a choir. In the meeting itself, we heard from the stake presidency, the stake patriarch, Presidente, myself and four recently called missionaries bore their testimonies.

For me, the best part of stake conference is looking out over the congregation and finding my missionaries. When I am speaking, they smile their great big smiles at me and nod their heads. They are so wonderful!

Today we met Elder Koch and his wife. They are here watching over the temple construction and have only been here a month longer than we have. The renovations/reconstructions are going very slowly. One of the reasons being the difficulty getting materials into the country.

That reminds me…we are seeing brown paper packages coming straight through to the offices…some of them getting here in as little as 8 days!

Sometimes our daughter, Brianna, is able to come with us to the conferences. It’s great, especially because she is able to get around easier than I can to take pictures of the missionaries.

DSC00005 DSC00017 DSC00014 DSC00006  DSC00023 DSC00024 

Chau! Chau!


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