Tuesday, December 13, 2011

zone conference/moreno & lujan

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I have been working on a little Christmas gift for the missionaries. Sometimes the missionaries ask what I do when I am not with them. Well, Saturday, I went to get some color photocopies for the project. You need to keep in mind that many businesses don’t open until 10:00 am and close at 1:00 pm on Saturday for the rest of the weekend, so I was working against the clock. All of the places of business where I went, advertised that they made color copies. However, the first place that I went to said that they only made copies on photo paper. They sent me to a second place that told me that today was not a good day for making copies because it was the end of the week, but I might have some luck at a third place, where they told me that their machine wasn’t working. On the way to a fourth place we saw another option where I was told that they no longer have a machine. The fourth place said that they are in the process of moving and their machine is already in a new location. The sixth place also only had photo paper, but at the seventh place I was able to get my photocopies. When I say that it took approximately 1 minute for each copy and I had 34 copies to make, you will know approximately how long it took.  I was standing there watching, and truly, the machine was working the entire time.

So…after all that, I had hope that I was going to be able to pull off my little surprise for the missionaries in campo that we are going to celebrate with tomorrow. It is too far and too expensive to bring them in for the P-Day Navadena next week. We do have a very special experience planned for them however. And I wanted to have my gift ready. Nevertheless, I just got a phone call and an essential part, that was supposed to arrive today, will not arrive until tomorrow. Oh no! Of course, we are leaving before 6 in the morning to drive out to campo.

I was feeling especially sad, even though I plan to get it to them later. Then I decided to post the blog for today. How can anyone be sad looking at these great faces and remembering how wonderful they were today. The Spirit was especially strong during our meeting. Unfortunately, my Spanish was especially poor today. Arghhhh. Some days are just like that. Anyway, I am sitting here weeping with all the emotions of the day...sad and joyful. But the tears of joy cannot be restrained as I think about how good these missionaries are, how good all of our missionaries are and what a blessing it is for me to know them and love them.


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  1. Dear Sister Carter,
    Your experiences on the blog were just like mine today. I was in tears, also, as my Christmas preparations did not go as planned. Then, I turned to the blog. To my surprise, you were being the same dear mother to all of our dear Elders, including my son in the campo, Elder Steele. This is the true spirit of Christmas! My heart is so full of gratitude for your loving service to our dedicated missionaries. Thank you for all your extra efforts, your tireless vigil, and compassionate example. The Steele Family would like to wish the Argentina West Mission a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year! President Carter and Sister Carter, thank you for your dedicated leadership and devotion to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! We love you and will continue to have all of you in our prayers.

    Love, The Tom Steele Family

    P.S. We loved the Christmas tree! It is beautiful! I especially love the butterflies since I have butterflies on my own tree, too!