Friday, December 23, 2011

zone leader council


Elder Davis and Elder Aldave – Castellar

Elder San Martin and Elder Shepherd - Lujan

Elder Steele and Elder George – Chivilcoy

Elder Sepulveda and Elder Jensen – Marcos Paz


Elder Foster and Elder Weiss – Gonzalez Catan

Elder Andrus and Elder Poeppelmeier – Moreno

Elder Wilson and Elder Hernandez – Oeste

Elder Barrios and Elder Schmeil - Merlo


Elder Rounds – Ramos Mejia

Elder Cervantes and Elder Valencia – Aldo Bonzi

Elder Goodworth and Elder Gutierrez – Traveling Assistants

Elder Baudon and Elder Quackenbush – Office Assistants

We had a great meeting today planning for next year. Afterwards, they all received a little surprise, since a friend brought candy canes from the States. One of the zone leaders said at the beginning of the day that he only hopes that he has a candy cane in his package from home. I don’t know yet, if he did or not, but at least we were able to make that Christmas wish come true. Another one of the missionaries said that he had never seen a real candy cane before, only in the movies. They all put them in their shirt pockets and left the mission home looking quite festive.

DSC00467 DSC00468

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