Friday, December 2, 2011

influencing the future


The mission home is still without furniture, but Presidente has a nice office, so we met there with the zone leaders. DSC09547

The meetings are long as we work together to refine the plans to improve the mission. The Spirit is strong and I feel the love of these missionaries for the work as I listen to their comments and suggestions.


Before we ended, I asked Presidente to share with his “sons” something personal, because I knew that they would want to give him a special abrazo today. In a very quiet, but emotion-filled time, he explained that his father passed to the other side of the veil on Tuesday.

We did know before we came on our mission that we would probably not see him again in this life. Still, it is heart-wrenching. Obviously, we won’t be at the funeral on Saturday, but Presidente shared some things about his dad in a small tribute to him and his excellent life.

After a beautiful prayer addressing the needs of the mission and in behalf of our family as well, each of the missionaries passed by with that hug that was even more meaningful ever. Several of the missionaries said how much they would have liked to have hugged me as well, but I have found that I feel their love communicated through their eyes and a handshake. And I certainly did today.

Presidente’s father was like a father to me as well. I have known him and admired him since I was a little girl. When I experienced crushing disappointments with my own father, he held me up and strengthened me physically as well as spiritually. Of course, I can’t even begin to recount the ways he has influenced my husband and indirectly through my husband, he will also influence each and every one of our missionaries in wonderful and positive ways. It is incredible to think of the influence of one good man on the world.

It is a privilege to be basking in the influence of hundreds of good men and women who have influenced our missionaries. Our missionaries are excellent representatives of Jesus Christ. They in turn are making an amazing difference  each and every day as they bring the world His truth. We cannot overstate the value of the knowledge of the Plan of Salvation. I am grateful for that knowledge every single day, and I am especially grateful for the peace that it brings me today.


  1. Our sympathy goes out to you and your husband. You are always in our thoughts and prayers. Thank you for teaching my son so many wonderful lessons. (I love seeing his picture in your blog). In only 18 days I will be able to give him that big "abrazo" I have been missing.

  2. Les enviamos un gran abrazo a Ud y a su esposo. Es increible la influencia de un buen hombre, el padre de Pte Carter es como un "abuelo" para mi hijo y para todos sus misioneros. Que bello saber que volveremos a encontrarnos algun día!
    Con amor, Familia Baudon