Tuesday, December 20, 2011

coming for christmas

I have been asked a few times if we have family coming for Christmas.  Well, we don’t have family coming for Christmas, but we do have refuerzos that arrived today!


In the past, our pastores have left on Monday night, and the refuerzos have arrived on Tuesday morning. I remember the very first time that we had a transfer…I went to bed thinking about the fact that the airplane carrying our pastores would cross paths with the airplane carrying our refuerzos in the night.


This time our refuerzos arrived on Tuesday morning, however, the pastores are leaving tonight! That makes for a very interesting day for Presidente and I, especially when the refuerzos plane arrives two hours late.


After retrieving them from the airport, we took them to the offices and handed them over to the care of the office missionaries with the promise that we would spend some individual time with them tomorrow and again on Monday. We are so excited that they are here!


A little FYI:

When they arrived it was 73 degrees (23 C) on its way up to 77 degrees later today and on its way down to 68 degrees tonight with 69% humidity.

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