Sunday, December 4, 2011

marcos paz stake conference

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Many of the missionaries stayed late after the conference today to introduce us to their investigators. One of the families, the missionaries had met on Friday. Already they have read to Jacob in the Book of Mormon. They set their alarm for church, but it didn’t go off. When the missionaries called to check on them, they said, “Oh my goodness! We are coming though!” They missed their train and arrived a little bit late, but they got the best of the conference with Elder Aidukaitis who spoke for the last hour.

Presidente and I were asked to attend a little celebration after the conference. The city officials from Marcos Paz sent a representative to the conference today to thank the church for all their service to the community. They gave us a desktop clock with our initials. Luckily for us, my husband and I have the same initials! I love hand-crafted goods. Thanks really, to our missionaries who are constantly serving the community.


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  1. Before we write Jacob each Sunday night we come here to check your blog to see what is happening in the mission. I love the picture with the missionaries backs to the camera. So glad their investigator made it to the meeting. They have been praying hard for him. We were so sorry to read about the passing of "your" father. We pray that you may feel peace in your heart and that your mind will be flooded with sweet memories. Thank your again for doing this blog and for loving our son!