Wednesday, June 20, 2012

flag day

It is flag day in Argentina. Since I have already posted about the Argentine flag, I thought it might be interesting to see which countries sent us our missionaries. The flags are listed in the order that they showed up on the Mission Board.
Es el día de la bandera en Argentina. Ya he publicado acerca de la bandera. Pensé que va a ser interesante ver las banderas de los países que nos mandaron nuestros misioneros. Las banderas están en el orden que ellos están en el cartel de la misión.

costa ricachile
3                                                      22
argentinaunited states
       23                                                      93
    11                                                           5
    1                                                            2
   2                                                             1
mexicoThe World Countries Flags
  3                                                             1

Costa Rica 3, Chile 22
Argentina 23, United States 93
Peru 11, Brazil 5
Paraguay 1, Nicaragua 2
Colombia 2, Panama 1
Mexico 3, Guatemala 1
Canada 2

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