Wednesday, January 2, 2013

january transfer meeting


About 80% of the mission came in for the transfer meeting this morning. We are preparing for the future as we have 60 missionaries slated to arrive over the next few transfers. We have senior companions serving as the junior in a companionship for the opportunity to learn an area and or strengthen an area, as well as many other interesting changes. Presidente met with quite a number of missionaries after the meeting to share the vision going forward.


We were blessed that some more of our grandchildren were able to visit this Christmas, and they just loved meeting with the missionaries. Our son-in-law shared his perspective of a mission from a few years out and encouraged the missionaries along with Hermana Reales, who returned home in September, but came to visit with us today.


We had a record month for baptisms and Presidente and his personal secretary are encouraging the missionaries to turn in the paperwork for all of those beautiful baptisms.




Our granddaughter helped by passing out our little birthday remembrance to all the January birthdays, including her Papa (Presidente).


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