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The missionaries are always doing these great little things to keep themselves and those they are working with motivated and focused. It is wonderful to see them magnifying their callings using talents that they brought with them or have developed during the mission. It is much harder, if not impossible to document great ideas or the sentiments of a super inspirational talk. Even when it comes to tangibles, sometimes I am aware of them and sometimes I am not…but here a few that I can share with you.

img192From the zone of Merlo, a leather key ring with the number 15, reminding the members of the zone about their goal.





From the zone of Ramos Mejia a T-shirt that says Kingdom of Ramos on the front and Come to the Kingdom on the back. The crown was personalized, and in this case was for the Hermanita Carter.

DSC01410 DSC01411

MP soldier




From the zone of Marcos Paz. This image didn’t scan very well, but I think you have the idea. At the bottom they included part of the scripture from Mosiah 9:17


“ the strength of the Lord did we go forth to battle…”






From the zone of Gonzalez Catan, miniature posters to remind them of their goals.

  GC motto soliders in christ GC

One of the hermanas made this cutout as a gift for her companion to remember their time together. You can see how she incorporated the casitas (little houses) on the left and the monoblocks, including the laundry line on the right. There is the water storage unit atop. All of these things are very identifiable in their area. Villeras are the girls that live in the villa. Villeros would be the boys. Although the hermanas don’t actually live there, they do missionary work there. She used this as a stencil, and I scanned the stencil with a colored piece of paper to better show the detail.


“The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul. No matter our talents, education, backgrounds, or abilities, we each have an inherent wish to create something that did not exist before…

The more you trust and rely upon the Spirit, the greater your capacity to create. That is your opportunity in this life and your destiny in the life to come…As you take the normal opportunities of your daily life and create something of beauty and helpfulness, you improve not only the world around you but also the world within you.” Dieter F. Uchtdorf, October 2008

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